co Do You Need Help With Twitter? |

Twitter just published an interactive help called The Small Business Guide To Twitter and it looks like it really can be helpful. I like the fact that it is interactive, allowing you to choose the path through their advice based on your own selections.

If you don’t ‘get’ Twitter, you can learn the basics, find some customers, create your profile, and download a free checklist that helps you get started.

If you ‘get’ Twitter but need to create a strategy, you can build a content calendar with their template, get tips for encouraging interaction with your followers, get help writing engaging tweets, and download the #MktgKickstarter Toolkit so you have all the stuff in one spot.

If you know Twitter basics but want to take your marketing to the next level, you can learn how to compose tweets that get a specific action in response or drive sales. Then you can measure the responses because they explain the key metrics for measuring the results of Twitter campaigns. Lastly, you can download a guide to Twitter ads.

How To Read The Twitter Guide

I tend to go through guides like this on the basic level first, even if I know about the subject. That way, I find out what I don’t know, and it usually does happen that I don’t know something about the basics. When the creators of a thing like Twitter talk basics, I make sure there are no gaps in my basic understanding that will trip me up as I move on to higher levels.

It’s not difficult to quickly go through the entire guide in a few sessions, and then you know you have a grasp of Twitter. You also have those nice downloads and know what to do with them.