co Social Media Discussion at Greater Wayzata Area Chamber of Commerce |

A big thanks to the Greater Wayzata Area Chamber of Commerce for inviting me to speak to the Young Professionals Group last week about trends in social media, and using social media for business.

We had a great turn-out for the event, as always, and my favorite part of any speaking gig — the questions from business owners about using social media — did not disappoint. I shared current trends in social media from the 2014 Social Media Marketing Report recently published by Social Media Examiner on how marketers in companies with 1 to 10 employees are using social media in their businesses today.

There were many highlights from my presentation, which you can view here. One of my favorite parts was getting to bust a popular social media myth about using social media for business .. that is, the myth that “social media doesn’t work for business-to-business marketing.”  When I asked the group in attendance to share their success stories with social media, the first two Chamber Members to volunteer their experience were marketing in the B2B space.  Consider that myth officially busted for the group that attended last week!

We also covered a lot of great tactical questions and had a rousing discussion about Hastags and how to use them.  Our group consisted of people on both ends of the spectrum (from “what is a hashtag” to “I use hashtags in every post I make”) and everything in between. We shared the new search engine for Hashtags and did a search for #Wayzata to demonstrate how powerful the simple Hashtag is getting to be.

After the session, Rick Kaufman shared this great social media Infographic below which provides updated stats on the use of some of the most popular social sites online right now, and shows the various individual sites we discussed during our session and the type of audience to be found on each of the sites.

Thanks for sharing this, Rick!  And thanks to everyone who was able to attend and lend your experiences and questions to our discussion!

social media site usage by site infographicInfographic courtesy of Leverage New Age Media, April 25, 2014