co This SEO Quiz Is Helpful And Fun, Too |

Okay, most quizzes don’t strike us as fun. But Moz just put out theirs and I enjoyed it. Take the SEO Quiz and Rule the Internet has just enough humor to keep the fifty randomized questions from dragging out and it only takes about fifteen minutes to do it. The good stuff is at the end of the quiz.

Once you’ve gone through the multiple-choice SEO questions, you can see all those questions with your answer and the correct answer marked. That’s nice, because I forget what I said and need to see it all in one spot. But in addition to seeing the correct answers and my wrong ones, there’s a link after each question that goes to a page explaining the correct answer. This is where it gets helpful!

Most of us are not going to get in the 91-100% Lord of the Internet, Master of the SEO Realm category on the first try. And Moz admits that there will be debate about some of the “right answers” because this is a growing, changing field and always will be.

We will never know everything about Search Engine Optimization because it constantly evolves.

Taking time to assess our SEO knowledge with a short quiz that tells us what we need to correct and how to correct it is an easy way to see if we need more help than a link to an explanation. It’s also a good way to get an idea about SEO in general and be a bit more knowledgeable when you discuss it with your search engine optimization service if you delegate this important area to a professional.