co Has Google's Panda Update Affected You? |

There’s been a lot of talk swirling around the latest update of Google’s Panda algorithm. This 4.0 version was supposed to be “kinder and gentler” while getting rid of spammy stuff and encouraging quality content. But some pretty big names have taken a hit, according to the Motley Fool’s look at How One Google Algorithm Update Can Kill A Business.

I think it’s interesting because it is from a stock investor point of view. Here’s their conclusion:

The question investors need to ask before investing in a web company is how much authority the company’s web properties have in their domains.

Authority seems to be what Panda is looking for. If a site has lots of keywords that don’t seem to relate to the content, Google Panda figures it’s spammy and pushes it down. Sites with original quality content get nudged up. Original quality content is authoritative and gets traffic naturally, and a poorly written blurb that sits there is ignored. Panda is Google’s attempt to stay relevant to the majority of internet users by presenting the most authoritative sites.

So here’s the thing — you should be striving for authoritative, non-spammy content anyway. 

Not because the latest updates of Google’s algorithms look for it, but because your customers do. If you are keeping your customers in mind by providing relevant information and consistently auditing your site to keep it fresh, those customers will keep coming to your site to read the latest post, share it, do some research, shop, etc.

Google is just seeking to validate what’s already there.