co Why You Should Audit The Content On Your Site |

Search Engine Journal just put out an excellent guide for site owners called How To Conduct A Content Audit On Your Site. It is pretty much self-explanatory, and guides you in a step-by-step process from beginning to end. It’s good and I can’t improve on it so I’m suggesting you use their guide for doing this important process.

I want to talk about why auditing your content is so important.

An audit is a careful check or review of something. Content is pretty much everything you have on your site. That sounds like a completely overwhelming thing – to carefully look over everything on your site, right? Once you do it and get a system in place, it isn’t so bad. If you schedule it for twice a year, then it becomes routine housekeeping.

A content audit lets you see what’s working and what needs tweaking, and it gives you the chance to fix small problems before they cost you too much. Cleaning up your site’s content isn’t just a look for typos and outdated information in the blurb. It should include a checkup of page titles, urls, descriptions, keywords, alt tags, and internal links. You should be updating every page on your site at least every two years, and that’s a stretch — most of us honestly are looking at the new stuff when we go online.

A business web site is like the building it uses in real life. That building needs regular maintenance because it gets used a lot, right? If you don’t do the maintenance, people stop coming into the building with pleasure. They will go somewhere that is well-kept because it is assumed your business can be assessed by the way you care for your facilities.

People make similar assumptions about a business web site. If it isn’t well-kept, they go someplace else. It will take regular maintenance to keep your site in good shape so that people will keep wanting to come to it. Some businesses will hire a janitorial service to come in and provide an estimate on what it will take to clean up their building. An Online Health Checkup does the same thing for your site.