co 3 Social Media Mistakes That Cost You Money |

Social media is one of the biggest advantages today’s business world has over the way things used to be done, but it also can be the thing that brings a business to its figurative knees in defeat. There are three basic areas where a business can make mistakes in its social media strategy.

1) Pretending Social Media doesn’t really matter

While it’s true that social media isn’t the only part of your marketing strategy, it’s also true that your customers and potential customers are probably getting most of their impressions about your company from each other rather than from you. People use social media because people like to connect and interact, and if you aren’t adding your connecting and interacting to the mix, they will do it without your input.

2) Thinking Social Media won’t change in the future

Sure, the social media of the moment keeps changing. All that means is that there will be a new way to connect and interact coming down the road. Social media marketing must be flexible and able to focus on the point of the medium (connecting and interacting) rather than the current way people are doing it.

3) Assuming Social Media strategies are once-and-done

Because it consistently changes, business marketing strategies for social media have to be an ongoing process rather than a one-time decision that is never analyzed. The whole idea of social media is engaging — connecting and interacting — in an immediate way. If you aren’t listening to your customers with the goal of responding to their concerns, they will go somewhere else that is responsive. If you aren’t maintaining an awareness of what is being said about your brand online, you won’t be able to respond to a potentially damaging issue.

Social Media Marketing is going to cost you money even if it isn’t an item in your budget, because if you aren’t investing in a wise social media strategy you will lose business to those who do.