co How Do You Rank On LinkedIn? |

A new feature has been added to the LinkedIn “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” tool. It’s called “How You Rank,” and it could be very useful if used the way the designers hope you will. When you click the button, you see even more customized insights on how to improve your place in the stack of your own network. These customized insights can be anything from adding a profile picture and updating your summary to adding content and beyond.

The way to look at these suggestions would be key: this is LinkedIn telling you personally what you need to do to get more views.

That’s pretty authoritative, don’t you think? I’d be paying attention to it since it’s coming from the people who design the way that ranking is determined. LinkedIn is one of the most effective ways to network and should be part of your regular routine. This is because it can be so useful to so many business professionals.

So, how can you use this new tool?

  • see it as a filter for data analysis
  • implement any changes the LinkedIn guru suggests
  • track it to assess how those changes have affected your rank
  • evaluate what the higher ranking guys are doing that you could emulate
  • determine strategies for increasing visibility
  • connect with those who show interest by viewing your profile

I’d be interested in hearing what you think about this addition to LinkedIn’s toolbox once you’ve played around with it a bit. Drop a line or two in the comments and we can talk about it!