co Can They Find Your Video? Do They Want To? |

Video is one of the most attractive and engaging things you can put on your site, because people are apt to watch them…IF they can find them and IF it is worth their time.

Can they find it?

Relevant keywords in the title and description will help your SEO, and a logical file name with words instead of numbers helps people. It will help you, too, find your stuff as you build up your video library because it’s easier to figure out “” than it is to remember what “” was about.

The location of your video is important. Put it on the main page above the fold so no scrolling is necessary. Don’t make it automatic – many people browse with the mute buttons activated – so folks can choose to watch it instead of turning it off. If your website is responsive and works on mobile devices, your videos should, too. Your site url should be clearly seen in the video so that when it is shared, people can find you.

Is it worth their time?

Be honest here, what kind of videos will you watch in their entirety? Short ones that are funny or helpful and easy to understand, right? Welcome to the club. Most people will not watch anything longer than a minute or two unless they already know they want to see it. This means short is better, one point per video, and be very careful about production.

Think about your brand and its personality. Analyze what your customer base responds to and keep trying. If a video isn’t getting much response, make a new one and keep trying until you develop an idea of what works for your unique market. Look at what is working for your competitors and pick their videos apart to figure out why. Don’t copy their videos, copy their technique and add your own twist to your unique content.

Pretty soon you will have a growing library of videos that you know people love because they are doing your marketing for you, sharing your message with their friends. Those friends will come to your site because they can find it and they want to see more information about your business.