co Are You Selling A Necessity Or A Luxury? |

You know, every business sells something. We sell a product or we sell a service to someone who needs or wants that product or service. So in order to be successful marketers, don’t you agree we have to figure out which category we are selling?

Necessities solve a problem. If you are selling that which can solve a problem people are dealing with, focus on how they need your business offerings to solve their problems successfully. Visualize the before and after scenarios of a problem solved and the caring competency your business provides with the solution. Show how your answer to their problems is affordable and attractive. Tell how you saw the problem and came up with a solution because you care about meeting the need.

Luxuries enhance our lives. Sure, we don’t need to have them for survival, but they make a difference that is valuable and desirable. If your product or service is making life better, tell the world how it does. Describe how it makes life better. Do you save them money or time? Will they feel or look better? Does it make them smile? Visualize the story of an enhanced life.

Both necessities and luxuries are valid reasons to spend money because we really do need both things in our lives. If all we had were necessities, what would make us smile? If all we had were luxuries, our real problems would go unsolved. Marketing is the art of presenting your brand to the world so they understand that you can solve a problem or enhance their lives.

Traditional marketing has exploded with the advent of the internet, it’s true. But the more I learn about marketing, the more I am convinced that we just need to learn how to use the new online tools to communicate what our business offers; a necessity that solves a problem or a luxury that enhances life.