co 3 Things PPC Managers Should Do Every Month |

There’s a lot to juggle when you are a manager. In fact, I’d bet you could substitute “juggler” for “manager” and the job description wouldn’t change all that much. You need to keep your eye on the ball, yes, but there’s more than one ball to keep an eye on so it gets tricky! PPC Hero has a great list of The 10 Monthly Tasks Every Account Manager Should Be Doing, and it actually condenses into three balls.

The Basics

Search query reports, ad testing, bids & budgets.

Actually, bids & budgets should be looked at every week even if you have set up automated bid rules. A minor correction is a lot easier than trying to adjust for an overlooked problem that turns into a crisis.

Intermediate Tasks

PPC Hero suggests a display campaign audit looking at placements, reach & frequency, and targeting. Then they add keyword research, CPA matrix, and a negative keyword audit to the list.

More Advanced Stuff

Thinking about new initiatives, that look down the road to see if you want to go there is absolutely essential. After all, if you don’t have a goal, you aren’t going to do much. Then there’s analytics reports and search funnels analysis. Without a regular assessment of what is working, you can waste a lot of time and money on a failing campaign trying to keep it alive. Most of the time, if it isn’t taking off, you should kill it and try to repeat what has been successful.

So that’s the list of things PPC Hero thinks is important to do every month. I like the three categories because you see at a glance what is basic foundation and what is built on it. If you are not doing these things, you are going to be dropping the ball sooner or later. What would you add to the list?