co Don't Overlook What Only Your Business Can Do |

Social media marketing tends to have a global outlook, but it is built on a local foundation.

With today’s technology, kids in Guam videochat with moms in Pennsylvania for Mother’s Day, even though Guam had that holiday the day before they spoke. That is pretty overwhelming if you think about it too hard. Guam is 14 hours ahead of the mainland US so they have a motto: America’s Day Starts Here. That means their Sunday Super Bowl parties are breakfast buffets since the game is broadcast when it plays, and for Guam that is on a Monday morning.

Time zones are a symptom of modern technology because when you didn’t travel fast, you didn’t need to have them. Online marketing gets global, because the internet spans all over the globe. Therefore, time zones are something a business thinks about for things like customer support hours.

We can forget about the slower local zone that surrounds our business facility, but this is a mistake. The local community is where your employees live (and work) and their kids go to school. Your local community benefits from your presence by the wages your workers earn, the taxes you pay, the utilities your business uses, and more. How much do you interact as a business with the community where your building is located?

Even a very small operation that relies mostly on remote workers has a local community with needs that the local business can address. Meeting those needs by hosting a fundraiser, for instance, can accomplish more than a charity event because it strengthens ties with your local zone. When you are interactive with your community, you are doing what only your business can do.

This is good marketing at the most basic level, that of establishing trust in relationships. All the strategies and techniques of social media marketing are worthless if the trust is not there. If you don’t believe me, look at what comes up on social media about how businesses act in their local zone — it gets discussed all over the world.