co One Message Aimed At Multiple Targets |

When you look at what mobile marketing is, it’s this: one message aimed at multiple targets. Trying to figure out which content and formats will hit all those devices and platforms with a successful performance is one of the difficulties marketers face.

Think about all the types of smartphones there are. Add tablets and phablets, and whatever else comes surfing in on the next waves of innovation, and your head spins. How does a business decide which mobile marketing strategies to use?

I’m convinced that multiple targets in the form of all these devices is going to be what most of your marketing will be oriented toward in the future. This means you must invest in mobile responsive website design and development because if your visitors can’t figure out your site on their phone, they are not going to give you their business.

Be honest, what do you do most of your searches on? Where are you? Pretty much everybody is whipping out a phone to look up something quick. Since everybody doesn’t have the same device, your site has to be able to work on as many of them as possible.

We don’t know what will come in on the next wave of personal devices, but I am pretty sure it will be a mobile device and your marketing will need to adapt to stay on top of the water. Your one shot — your message — can hit a bullseye on many targets at the same time and score big if your mobile strategy is able to change with the need.