co 3 Questions To Ask About Content |

On Moz, in the article “Is Your Content Strategy Guided By Audience Intent (Or Just Keywords)?” some good questions are asked about content. I like them all, but these three sum it up:

  1. Why are we creating this content? (goal of the content)
  2. How does it make us money? (goal of the business)
  3. What is the audience intent? (goal of the customer)

You see, doing SEO the way it used to be done to get the search engines rankings doesn’t really work long-term because the search engines keep changing the algorithms to compensate for the spammy stuff. But if you know your customer, you can figure out how to create content that will appeal to them and bring them to your site because they will be looking for what interests them and the dots will still connect through the search engines since you have what interests them on your site.

The keywords are a natural product of providing content that interests your customer and is written in the language your customer uses. Think through what they’d likely type in the search box and that’s a good keyword to use.

Interested customers who find content that meets their intent come back to find more content. That’s their goal.

Your site is providing the content that interests your customers. That’s the content goal.

Since there is a relationship built on repeated contact, trust is developed in your brand and your products or services are purchased. That’s the goal of your business.

What do you think? Would these three questions help you create better content?