co How Long Should Titles Be? |

Have you ever wondered what the perfect, ideal length of your blog post titles should be? How about tweets…Facebook posts…blog content…?

Kevan Lee got to wondering about that and did some research, and it is interesting. Of course, the ideal length of everything online, backed by research is not going to be perfect in all situations, but there are some things that every online marketer should consider.

  • tweets tend to become retweets if they are between 71-100 characters
  • Facebook posts are liked and shared 86% of the time when they are short (40 characters) although you can go up to 80 characters and get a 66% response
  • if you can’t keep your Google+ headline to one line (60 characters), write a compelling first sentence because you get a total of three lines before the “read more” link
  • people tend to absorb the first three + the last three words of a headline so six words is good, but choosing your words is better
  • readers tend to stick with a blog post for seven minutes (1,600 words) and, again, content trumps length
  • perfect title tag = 55 characters
  • email subject lines are best at 28-39 characters
  • domain names that are eight characters long are most effective

Isn’t that helpful information? The research behind it is fascinating, too. But the practical takeaway is one that I’m tempted to print out and post by my laptop so I think about it the next time I need the reminder. The end of the post on that link actually has a nice infographic that would be perfect.

Since there are so very many words used to communicate online, the message can get lost. It’s good to be reminded that quality is more effective than quantity in this case.

What do you think?