co Do You Have A Social Media Training Policy? |

You know, all the marketing strategies in the world are going to be useless if you aren’t training your employees to interact with the customer correctly. Your employee is the face of your business, as far as your customer is concerned, right? That holds true wherever the employee and your business are connected, even outside of the job.

If you don’t have a social media policy in place, I strongly encourage you to figure it out and get it going because your employees are active in social media already and some of them might handle your email and postings. How do you expect them to know what the guidelines are if they’ve never been told? It’s like telling your kid he should not have jumped in the puddle after he’s wet.

There’s a whole generation of social media users who come into the workplace with bad social media habits. They post inappropriate pictures and rants, make stupid videos hoping to go viral, and don’t necessarily connect consequences with internet behavior. Older workers who are just figuring social media out will make mistakes, too.

Your social media marketing plan should include appropriate training for your employees.

The whole idea of marketing is to get more traffic, but if they are not prepared to interact with that traffic your way, they will do it their way. Think through things like:

  • response times for comments and emails — sooner is better than later
  • standards for how responses are worded — polite, professional, personal
  • policies on personal posts regarding work — show the fallout from viral disasters as examples
  • allowing comments and feedback on training — it’s social, so it should be collaborative
  • regular training sessions to address current issues — track mentions of your business so you pick up on them

Your employees can be your biggest online assets or your worst social media nightmare: a lot depends on how you train them.