co Beating The Throngs To YouTube and iTunes |

I like this post at Search Engine Journal. Before I read it, I thought it was just going to be another common post about uncommon ways to market your website and I would learn nothing knew. Boy, was I wrong.

The post is very detailed and the author, Pratik Dholakiya, discusses three marketing platforms that are popular but still not as popular as they could be.

In other words, there is little competition for many keywords and therefore a huge window of opportunity for marketers looking to expand their reach and drive traffic back to their websites. What are those three marketing tactics? Consider:

  1. YouTube videos
  2. Quora Answers
  3. Podcasts

I can vouch for all three of these, but today I want to focus on YouTube and iTunes for podcasting.

YouTube Videos Don’t Require A Huge Budget

If you’ve stayed away from YouTube because you thought it would require a big budget and therefore too costly for your business, then you need to reconsider. All you need is a webcam. In many cases, the video feature of your smartphone will suffice.

Low budget is the way to go with YouTube, and low budget doesn’t necessarily mean low quality. Pratik has some suggestions for types of videos you can post. He says:

  • Just sit in front of the camera and talk. But my suggestion is to first make sure you have something interesting (and entertaining) to say.
  • Make a Whiteboard video. By giving viewers something to focus on other than yourself you won’t feel as nervous and you can deliver on the quality much more easily.
  • Create a screencast. This is easier than it sounds. With the right free software you can capture the movements of your mouse and your activity on your computer screen. Talk your viewers through what you are doing to keep it interesting. This is great for how-to videos.
  • Interview someone. And the best part is, it doesn’t have to be someone famous.

Go iTunes

iTunes is just one of many podcast locations online, but it is the most popular one. And since it is owned by Apple, there is a captured audience.

Podcasts are easy to create. You just need a good mic and some audio editing software. Interviews are nice, but as long as you have an interesting conversation you’ll pick up listeners. No matter what topic you cover, podcasting is one of those things that can get you great traffic if you can show lots of value where is no competition.

The best part about both YouTube and podcasting is that these are virtually untapped sources. YouTube is the second largest social network and the second largest search engine. Even though a lot of people are using it, it is still relatively untapped by marketers.