co How Small Websites Become Large Websites |

Matt Cutts answered a question from a fan by saying that small sites can and often do become larger sites simply by rolling out fresh content and being the expert in a very tight niche. What he doesn’t say is … How.

One could easily get the impression that all you have to do is publish new content, but that’s not exactly what he’s saying. Yes, new content is important, but quality content is better. So should you publish new content daily or can you scale back your publishing operation to focus on quality?

Personally, I think quality is much more important than quantity. In other words, while publishing new content frequently is important, you would be better off publishing one great blog post twice a week than a mediocre one every day.

But not all the content you publish need be on your own website either. In fact, if you can publish elsewhere on the Web periodically, you can drive traffic back to your website with bio links and build your reputation on your outposts. Share your top quality posts with your friends on social media. And take some time to comment on other blogs within your niche.

The way small websites grow and increase their reputations is to focus on user needs and meet those well. Think of it as a type of customer service.