co Why You Should SEO Your Brand |

Most people are doing SEO wrong. It’s not because they are seeking links when they shouldn’t, or seeking the wrong links. It’s not because they are writing crappy content, thought that might be the case. And it’s not because they are stuffing keywords or not using keywords in the right places. All of that might be true, but those aren’t the reasons you are probably doing SEO wrong.

The real reason most people are doing SEO wrong is because they are trying to optimize web pages and content across the Web. You should be SEOing your brand.

Marketing Pilgrim interviewed veteran SEO journalist Danny Sullivan and asked why Google seems to be favoring brands in its search index. Danny’s response was iconic:

I think Google’s algorithm is trying to favor brands — not large brands over small brands but brands over sites that you wouldn’t care if you never found them. Brands have value, usually offer something that you can’t get elsewhere. So I think small businesses can continue to do well with SEO.

Search engine optimization isn’t really about keywords and links. It’s about positioning your brand in the search engines so that your target audience can find you. If your brand isn’t well known, you might have to do that with keywords and phrases, but eventually – if you do SEO well – your brand will be a known brand and that’s when you want your brand name searchable.

There are some tools that every brand owner can use to increase the brand’s SEO value. One of those is Google+. If you do local marketing, you should get into Google+ Local and Bing Local.

There are other tools, as well. Bottom line: SEO your brand, not your content. BTW, the implied task is to use your content for SEO branding. I hope you see the difference.