co Google Trends Alerts By E-mail? |

For years, savvy Internet marketers have used Google Alerts to keep abreast of important topics by e-mail. Some have also used Google Trends to keep up with topics that are trending right now. Google recently announced that Google Trends are coming to your inbox and can sit alongside Google Alerts in real time.

This is great news and will prove to be a big boon to Internet marketers across many niches. Not only will you be able to see what is trending right now, but you’ll be able to act on it more quickly by entering your favorite keywords and phrases into the alert box. Google will send you an e-mail alert when your favorite topic is trending. Then you can create the content you want to create when it’s a hot topic.

Another thing you can watch for is hot search topics. If you are interested in particular hot topics by geographic area, then you can keep an eye on those too. Google will let you know by e-mail alert.

Google Alerts have been a useful tool for online marketers for years. Google Trends too. And the latter just got better. Make good use of these tools because you never know when they might go away. Hopefully, that won’t happen any time soon.