co Using Pinterest For Visual Search |

We don’t often think of Pinterest as a search engine, but this article at made me think about it for a minute.

There are three types of pins that you can search for on Pinterest that could give Google, Bing, and Yahoo! a run for the money. Those three search items include:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Place Pins

With one billion Place Pins in its arsenal (and that doesn’t count videos and images), Pinterest is just one step closer to being a full-fledged search engine.

A Place Pin is a special kind of pin, an image of a geographic area, or map, with pins demonstrating the precise location of a particular type of place. While Place Pins will never compete with Google Maps, they do offer Pinterest searchers a way to see at a glance a particular geographic area that interests them. It’s a cool tool for travelers.

Website owners, small businesses, publishers, and other online marketers can use Place Pins as well as images and videos to brand themselves to their Pinterest audience and draw attention to particular products and services.

For instance, a travel agency may compile a list of B&Bs around a specific hot travel destination. That Place Pin could be a valuable resource for your website visitors and potential customers who find you through Pinterest. If you compile several Place Pins for travelers and share them on Pinterest, you can then create a video presentation showcasing your Place Pins and share that too.

It may be time for savvy marketers to think of Pinterest as another visual search engine.