co Using Google+ For Social Advertising |

Pay-per-click advertising is going social, and it’s all Google’s fault.

You’d think Facebook and Twitter would be revolutionizing the PPC marketplace with social ads, but they’re not. It’s Google. The search engine. And the platform they’re using for doing this is Google+, the non-social media network.

They’re calling their social AdWords product +Post ads. It’s interesting how they work.

First, you post to Google+. Then you turn your post into an ad that will display across a selected network.

It’s important to point out that you have to have an AdWords account and you have to have a “significant number of followers” on Google+. In other words, not just anyone can do it. You can do it if you are active on Google+ and have a lot of followers. The benefit is that you can use your Google+ posts to reach a broader audience by paying for it. This is similar to Facebook’s PPC post boosting product that few people like.

+Post ads have more potential to reach a wider audience, however.

For one thing, they remain Google+ posts and still allow social users to comment, +1, and share the post. However, you can include graphics and video, which will drive more engagement.

Google+ Hangout +Post ads are particularly powerful. You can broadcast live conversations to a broader audience and pick up more followers. That means more engagement and greater visibility for your brand. This takes social advertising and PPC advertising to a whole new level.