co Become A Content Columnist Instead |

Content branding is the new SEO. Now that guest blogging is dying a slow (but speeding up) death, what are brand marketers to do next? I recommend that you try being a columnist.

Larry Kim recommends it too.

I was careful to only pitch them great stuff, so they would come to appreciate my contributions and ask me to contribute as a columnist. At that point, I’ve come full circle. I no longer have to pitch anyone since I’m a columnist there. See how that works?

In the brick-and-mortar world, columnists have always been the rock stars. In fact, at many newspapers, journalists had to work as reporters for years before they were given a chance at being a columnist. They had to prove themselves capable of working a beat. After years of working as a journalist, they were then given a chance at their own column. Some reporters might even had to work as an editor first.

Online, the content model is beginning to mirror this old world model. Content producers start off as mere writers. They then work their way into an editorial position and, if they’re savvy enough, they may be offered a columnist position.

A guest columnist at a popular news or niche content website almost always means additional traffic and a whole lot of branding equity for your company. Instead of guest blogging for links, try column writing for your reputation.