co Local SEO For Businesses With Multiple Locations |

Search Engine Journal has a great article about ranking well geographically with multiple location-based web pages on your business website. I’d like to summarize the article and pull out a few of the key points.

Local SEO for businesses with multiple locations is not only essential, but businesses that fit into this category may include:

  • Retail chains
  • Restaurant chains
  • Fast food chains
  • Lawyers offices with multiple locations
  • Service businesses with multiple locations

I think you get the idea. So what’s the best way to approach local SEO?

I wouldn’t recommend separate websites for each location. I would recommend separate web pages on your business site for each location, however, you should go to great pains to ensure that each location’s web page content is unique. In other words, you don’t want to simply copy/paste your content and include it on each of your location’s web pages. That’s a sure way to ranking rock bottom.

You can also make good use of Google+ Local as a directory for each of those pages, especially if your locations each have a separate phone number.

Another thing to consider is a citation services, which is a service that ensures each of your location names, addresses, and phone numbers are consistent across multiple directory listings and around the Web. This is a valuable service because if there is any inconsistency in your citations, it will affect your rankings.

If you treat each of your locations as a separate entity, you’ll go further in getting each of your location web pages ranked in the search engines. Watch out for duplicate content.