co Why Authors Should Treat Publishing Like A Business |

It’s not hard to see that e-book publishing could very well be the next entrepreneur’s paradise. A self-published e-book recently took over the No. 1 bestseller slot from popular traditionally published Divergent. This could very well be a regular occurrence in the future.

Self-publishing is picking up steam. A lot of writers think they can do better by publishing themselves rather than going through a traditional publisher. They certainly couldn’t do any worse.

The difficult task for any author, self-published or otherwise, is marketing the book. That’s also one of the most important tasks for any author. To be successful at marketing, you have to treat publishing like a business. In other words, you have to measure your costs against potential returns and do everything you can see a return on your investment.

When you count investment costs as an author, you should consider your writing time as well as expenses involved in publishing and marketing your book. Otherwise, how will you know you’ve earned a profit? Your time is worth money, isn’t it?

Before you ever publish your book, you should consider how it’s going to be marketed. Who is your target audience? How will you reach them? I’d encourage every would-be author – fiction, nonfiction, or otherwise – to start with a website. Build yourself a platform and take your writing career to new heights using your website as your launching pad.