co 3 Ways To Make Your E-mails More Powerful |

E-mail marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing channels online. Even when you count the rising tide of social media, it can’t compare to e-mail.

One of the reasons e-mail marketing is so powerful is because once you build your list, you have permission to contact your list and make them an offer. That’s why they joined your list in the first place. They’re just waiting for you to make the right offer. And when you do, you make that offer exclusive.

Keeping that in mind, here are three ways you can improve the power of your e-mails and therefore make it more profitable:

  • Personalize your e-mails – All it takes is a little simple addition. Greet your recipients by name. If your list members see their names at the top of your e-mails, they are more likely to read them. So personalize them. It will make them more powerful.
  • Shorten them – Make your e-mails shorter and easier to read. Long-form content may be gaining speed online (for SEO purposes), but people are still pressed for time. Give them shorter, more powerful e-mails and they’ll stick around to read them. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fill them chock full of value. Maybe you should write more articles with fewer word counts. As long as you keep them brief and powerful, they’ll do what they’re supposed to do.
  • Make them clickable – Include links. Make those links strong calls to action with exclusive offers your subscribers can’t refuse. It’s money in the bank.

E-mail marketing is here to stay. Make your e-mails more powerful and they’ll be more profitable.