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Throughout Internet marketing history there have been certain online marketing practices that
became essential. Sometimes it happened overnight as when Mobile Responsive Website Design & DevelopmentGoogle arrived on the scene and started ranking websites by the number of links pointing to it. Other times it snuck up on us, such as when social media rose to the occasion. Other times, it just happens.

The next big thing (and by “big thing” I mean right now) in online marketing is mobile responsive websites. These are websites that are easy to read on any mobile device.

If you’re wondering why mobile responsiveness is so important, think about the rise of mobile phone usage in the last five years. Everyone now has a smartphone and a tablet. In many cases, people have more than one phone and more than one tablet. They may also have a PDA or other handheld device. And they are browsing the Web on these devices.

They’re not just browsing. They’re searching. They’re socializing on their favorite social networks. And they’re using location-based services. They want to connect with you – or a representative from your business.

Mobile phones are no longer just a gadget we play with. They are essential tools of our lives. We organize by them, we share with them, we store photos of our loved ones, and we make purchases. For these reasons, your website needs to be mobile responsive. And it needs to happen yesterday.