co 5 Things Your Website Can't Live Without |

Every website is different. Depending on the nature of your business, the niche you serve, your customers, a many other factors, your website should be as unique as you are. It should be as unique as your business is. But there are some things that every website needs no matter what business is stands for and what kind of visitor it tries to attract.

There may be some exceptions, but if your business is a service business or you sell products and have customers, then your website should have some variation of these elements:

  1. Header – Every website needs a header. It should be graphic and eye-catching. It should include the name of your business and maybe a tag line. Other elements are optional, but a header is essential for a website that wants to get more visitors.
  2. Navigation menu – If you want your visitors to find the information they want, then you need an easy-to-navigate menu that helps them find that information.
  3. A blog – A blog is good for SEO, but it also keeps visitors coming back to your website every time you update it.
  4. Social media icons – Social media is essential in today’s online marketing arena. Let your customers know where to find you off site.
  5. About page – Your About page should tell your visitors succinctly what your business is all about. It can include a statement of purpose, a little about your history, and your values and mission statements. About pages are some of the most visited pages on business websites.

There it is in a nutshell, the five essential elements that every website needs to succeed. How many of them does your website have?