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“When I heard Caroline Melberg give a presentation about websites and SEO, I knew I needed to hire her. At the time, I had a beautiful website that didn’t show up on searches except by my company name or my name! Caroline and her team at Small Business Mavericks have transformed my website and my business. Now when my primary keywords are searched, Animal Bridges is the first website listed (after the paid ads!) In 2012, our unique visitors and site visits increased between 66% and 69% respectively from 2011. In 2012, Animal Bridges income increased by 66%. The most amazing statistic is the sales conversion – after a communication by email or over the phone with contacts from the website, 82% become new customers! This is before we made the latest changes. Thank you Caroline and Small Business Mavericks — You Rock.”
– Elaine Garley, Founder & Animal Communicator, Animal Bridges, LLC

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