co Why The Long Tail Is Still Important |

If you are still targeting generic keywords, chances are you aren’t going to get a lot of traffic to your blog. But if you go after a couple of hundred long tail keywords, you’ll stand a much better chance at attracting readers, links, and attention to your blog. Why is that?

The reason, in a nutshell, is because your generic keywords have a lot of competition. If you are in the floral business and you target “florist in Minneapolis,” how many florists are also going after that phrase in the organic and paid search results? A ton, and most of them have a head start on you, so you’re going to fall way behind. But what if you went after phrases like “floral arrangements with pansies?”

Let’s Google it.

I see 261,000 search results vs. 22.9 million for “florist in Minneapolis.” A lot less competition.

Now, imagine having a couple of hundred pages on your website targeting long tail phrases similar to “floral arrangements with pansies.” You could have a page for “roses as floral arrangements,” “sun flower arrangements,” and “tulip-begonia duo floral arrangements.” You could literally think of thousands of combinations and create long, detailed pages that discuss each of these long tail phrases in an interesting and informative way such that it leads to more sales and more happy customers.

The day of the long tail is far from over. You want your content to shine. So make it shine with long tail phrases.