co Google Adds New Content To Webmaster Academy |

If you haven’t heard of Google’s Webmaster Academy, don’t worry. You’re not the only one. The program was launched just two years ago but hasn’t received a lot of attention. Google Webmaster Central, however, recently announced that new content has been added to the educational program for webmasters.

There does seem to be some useful content at Webmaster Academy. The first three modules are titled:

  1. Making a great site that’s valuable to your audience
  2. Learning how Google sees and understands your site
  3. Communicating with Google about your site

While this is great information for new and beginning webmasters, keep in mind that Google’s goal is to teach you how to present your website in such a way that it meets their guidelines for content. Going through the course, while proving useful, won’t guarantee you high rankings or a beautiful user-centered website. You may be better off hiring a skilled and experienced web designer to make you a website that not only meets Google’s guidelines but has a better chance at achieving high rankings.

There’s more to building a website than getting it indexed, although that’s a start. You also have to think about navigational issues, whether your site is accessible to mobile and other handheld devices, and if it answers the most pressing questions your target audience has about your subject matter.