co Are Long Or Short Blog Posts Better? |

There’s a raging debate in Internet marketing circles about long vs. short articles. The folks who argue in favor of long, in-depth and well-researched articles argue that they are better for SEO and achieve great search engine factors based on the strength of their on-page SEO and the ability of the blogger to promote them through social media and attract inbound links. They make some good points.

On the other hand, advocates for multiple short blog posts over a period of time argue that the number of pages increases your opportunities for better search engine marketing and therefore give you more search rankings with increased traffic.

So who wins?

Bill Belew at Search Engine Journal summarizes both arguments well. But there is a problem with his analysis. It doesn’t take into consideration the goals of the blogger.

This is where you, as the blogging spokesperson for your company, need to develop a little discernment. There are benefits to having more pages ranked in the search engines and there are benefits to having long, in-depth articles that have to potential to dominate a keyword in the search engines. Quite possibly, you could do both. Write daily short posts with an occasional long post to help give certain topics that are important to your brand an extra push.

Online marketing is not an exact science. What works for one person or company may not work for another. You should develop your own strategy.