co How Much Social Proof Is Enough? |

One of the big benefits to being active on social media is the proof of your reputation. It’s called social proof and it’s powerful.

Here’s a question: How much social proof do you need to be credible?

The truth is, there’s not magic number. It’s not like your Klout score has to be through the roof or no one is going to believe you really know your stuff. And, to be fair, there are different ways to measure social proof. It’s not all about likes and retweets. For the most part, it’s about engagement.

Social proof is the accumulation of positive and negative talk your company or brand receives online. It can be anything from the blog posts your company publishes to reviews of your product on Amazon or your company on Yelp. When customers tell their Facebook friends about their experience with your company, that’s social proof. But it’s only glimpse into the vast window of your social proof.

What you want to do as a company is influence every customer in a positive way. By doing so, you indirectly influence your company’s social reputation online and create a net positive proof of your social value.

What are you doing to influence your company’s social proof? Are you being a positive influence in the online community? What are you contributing?