co 3 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Calendar |

You do have a social media calendar, don’t you? If not, how about a content calendar? You can merge the two into one, and you should. Make your social media content a part of your overall content marketing, or editorial, calendar. It will be easier to manage and keep your content focused on the topics it needs to be focused on. Follow these three tips for making your social media and content calendar more effective.

  1. Develop a theme – As you plan your content, create a theme that you will stick to for the next month. Brainstorm blog posts and social media topics that you can use for that month. By creating a theme and sticking to your theme you’ll be more motivated to stick to the plan.
  2. Quit posting on the fly – If you plan which posts you’ll make on which days of the month, you’ll do a better job of staying on topic. Stop posting on the fly and put your social media content on the calendar where it belongs. If you pre-plan it, you can pre-write it and schedule it to post when you want it to and at a time when it makes the most sense for your business and your followers.
  3. Organize your content – This goes along with planning. Put your social media content into a spreadsheet so you can track when to post it and where. When it comes time to post, copy and paste it.

A little bit of planning will make your content marketing go a long way, even your social media content.