co What Is An Integrated Marketing Plan? |

There is marketing and then there is integrated marketing. The latter involves a bit more strategy, though a simple marketing plan is not necessarily void of strategic planning. The difference is that an integrated marketing strategy is more involved. There are more pieces to the puzzle and they all work together toward a common goal.

So what does that look like?

Typically, small businesses develop a website then think about how they are going to promote, or “market”, that website. They may pick and choose their favorite social media sites and develop a presence, maybe even build a page for their business. They might do some blogging. Maybe they even participate in some paid search campaigns and start an e-mail newsletter. All of that is good. But is it “integrated?”

It’s not truly integrated unless you work to make each piece of your overall marketing plan work toward a single, common goal. That’s easier said than done.

First, start with your mission or your unique selling proposition (USP). What are you trying to accomplish with your business? Figure that out then you can figure out what your goal should be. Let your company’s mission statement and USP guide your path toward integration.

Next, develop a USP and a mission statement for each part of your overall marketing plan. In other words, establish the goal of your social media strategy within the context of your overall marketing plan. Do the same thing for your e-mail marketing, pay-per-click marketing, and every other aspect of your marketing plan. Each piece needs to have its own goal within the overall arching goal of your marketing plan. That’s how you develop an integrated marketing plan.