co How To Improve SEO Without Adding New Content |

Everyone knows you can improve your search engine optimization (SEO), and potentially gain new search rankings, by adding new content to your website. You can do this by adding web pages to your site or by blogging. But how about improving search rankings by not adding new content. Did you know you can do that?

Here are three ways you can increase your SEO potential without adding new content to your website.

  1. Rich Snippets – Rich snippets are a type of specialized markup that tells the search engines what your pages are about. There are a variety of types of rich snippets that can help you with your search rankings and increase the likelihood that your website’s content will rank better for your search terms. Learn more about rich snippets from Google.
  2. Improve Page Load Speed – Google is very concerned with page load speed. If your pages load too slowly, that will equate to a negative user experience on your website. Since Google is concerned with presenting users with a positive user experience, slow page load speed could cause you to lose rankings. Test your page load speed with this tool.
  3. Delete Pages – Instead of adding new content to your website, try taking some content away. If your website has been active for several years, you’ve probably got some outdated pages on your site. Those pages probably have links from other pages on your website and are siphoning valuable link credit from valued pages. Delete the outdated information, or rewrite the content so that it is more helpful to an identifiable audience, and that should improve your rankings.

Improved SEO does not always means adding new content to your website. It could mean improving the content you’ve already got.