co Why Infinite Scroll Must Go |

If you’ve ever gone to a website and scrolled and scrolled through endless content, then you know how frustrating that is as a user. I would not suggest you use infinite scroll. For most websites it’s a bad practice to get into. Much better is breaking up your content into pages, and there are several benefits to doing it this way.

One of the problems with infinite scroll is that search engines have a hard time scrolling through every piece of content to index it.

In order to access the content, the search engine has to mimic user activity, such as scrolling and clicking. Anything beyond the first scroll is invisible to the search engine. But if you paginate your content and add the rel-“next” tag to each of the pages, you’ll get better search engine optimization as each page can stand on its own.

There are a few caveats to that, however. You need to make sure that each page has a unique URL that is search engine friendly. Don’t use dynamic parameters that are moving targets. Also, make sure all the content on each page is unique. In other words, don’t overlap your content page to page.

Beyond SEO benefits, you should also think about the needs of users. For most websites, users will get frustrated with the endless scrolling and may decide not to revisit your website at a later date.