co 3 Reasons Why You Should Establish Authority Bloggers In Your Company |

One of the biggest fears among mid-sized companies is giving employees full range in creating content that establishes them and not their brands as authority figures in their niches. You have to learn to let go and give those employees a little more creative freedom. Here are three reasons why employee authorities are more effective than your brand authority.

  1. People trust people more than brands – People associate trust with an image. Brand logos don’t build trust, but people profile images do. Give your key employees the freedom to develop their own personalities online and let those personalities be the public face of your brand.
  2. Search is long-term and reputations last – As your employees build their reputations online, your brand reaps the benefit. The more content your authority employees produce, the more benefit your brand builds. the reputation your employees build for themselves is long-lasting. Even after they leave your company and go somewhere else, articles and buzz they created while with your company continue to draw attention online, getting clicks and shares and driving traffic.
  3. You can ride forever on your employee’s authority – Because content never goes away, whatever search and social juice your authority employees garner while with your company will continue to benefit you for as long as it is published.

Establish some ground rules for your employees so that they understand what they can and can’t say in representing your brand, then give them the freedom to be creative. In your contracts, stipulate that all content is owned by your company and will stay published even after the employee leaves – unless the employee’s reputation becomes a liability. Make that a decision that your company makes, not the employee.