co Why You Don't Want To Buy Video Views |

Just like they did with PPC advertising and social media, some YouTube video marketers have got the idea that they can buy video views and succeed. They may very well on the short term, but in the long term, spammy marketing methods rarely work no matter what the format.

For awhile, YouTube seemed to have been complacent, or at least didn’t take notice to the bad practice of view spam. It seems they’ve started to take notice.

Buying video views ranks right up their with buying PPC clicks and social media shares. You might get over for a little while, but eventually someone is going to find you out and your game will be over. Once you get a reputation for doing business that way, it’s hard to shake it. You’ll have to work hard to shake off that image and succeed the right way. Meanwhile, your competition is blowing past you like a motor boat passing a canoe.

You can’t afford to do business that way. It might be slower, but build your YouTube audience one person at a time. Learn to earn your views. They’ll be more valuable in the long run and you’ll get more mileage out of your audience.

There’s no short cut to video marketing success any more than there is a short cut model to any other kind of success.