co 4 Reasons Your Content Marketing Is Failing |

Newbie online marketers can get the idea real fast that there’s some kind of secret to succeeding at online marketing. There’s no real secret, but there are four principles you should adhere religiously:

  1. Quality – Insist that your content is high quality. If you want to increase your readers and you want your current readers to share your content, then you’ve got to make sure it passes the quality test. No exceptions.
  2. Quantity – It’s almost cliche, but you’ll hear online marketers often claim, “quality, not quantity.” The truth is, you need both. Make sure you produce high quality content and do it often.
  3. Frequency – How often? As often as you can. If you can afford posts 2-3 times a day, great. If you can do it 5-10 times a day, even better. Produce high quality content as often as you can and put a lot of it out there.
  4. Longevity – It takes a long time to build a reputation. You can’t do it overnight. If you produce high quality content on a consistent basis and do it long enough, you’ll succeed. If you don’t, then you’ll see your content marketing strategy failing.

Your content marketing strategy is dependent on how well you satisfy these four principles. Don’t let yourself and your clients down. Does your content marketing team possess these qualities? If not, they should.We offer content marketing minneapolis and content marketing minnesot