co Why Nofollow Isn't Such A Bad Thing |

Even today, many bloggers and webmasters are suspicious of nofollow links. They seek out guest blogging opportunities in hopes of finding more coveted dofollow links. But they could be cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

Certainly, you don’t want all your inbound links being nofollow, but does it really hurt if some of them are?

There are more reasons for wanting to post content on another website besides receiving inbound links. Here are a few:

  • Access to large amounts of traffic – If you have an opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of readers with a single article, would you pass it up or take it? Posting to a high traffic blog within your niche is a great opportunity to reach the people you want to reach and siphon some of that traffic back to your website.
  • Reach an affinity market – Let’s say you have an opportunity to reach a marginal market that is your ideal target market even though it isn’t exactly a high traffic property? If you could reach 10,000 perfect potential customers in a single month with one article, would you do that? If not, then you don’t understand marketing.
  • You’re getting paid – A few online markets are now starting to pay guest bloggers for unique content. If you receive $50 or $100 for your article, does that nofollow link really matter?
  • Branding opportunity – Sometimes it’s a good idea to publish your content in a new market arena simply for the branding and exposure opportunity. The audience may or may not be the perfect audience for your product or service, but if a moderate percentage of the traffic to a Web property may someday be in the market for your product or service, then you can seek out the branding opportunity. It may not be your highest priority, but don’t discount these small jewels.

Treating every guest blogging opportunity as a chance to get more links cheapens your SEO efforts, your brand, and your online marketing strategy. It’s time to develop a broader view.