co How To Edit Your Facebook Look Back Video |

It’s only been a few days since Facebook released its Look Back video for users. The video goes back through your Facebook history from the past 10 years and highlights the most liked, commented on, and shared items in your timeline. That is, the most popular items that you’ve shared with your friends and fans. There’s just one problem with this. Not all of those items may be the most significant events to have happened to you during that time.

What if you started a business and posted that event to your Facebook timeline? And what if that notice wasn’t liked, shared, or commented on by many of your friends because …

  1. At the time, most of your friends were family and they didn’t think you’d succeed
  2. You’ve grown your fan base significantly since then and your new fans haven’t seen it
  3. All you said was, “I started a new business,” but you gave few details

If that business has grown significantly so that you are now very successful at what you do, wouldn’t you consider that a major life event? Sure you would.

Well, the good news is Facebook is working on allowing you to edit your Look Back video. The bad news is, you can’t do it yet.

I expect this rollout to happen fairly quickly. Probably within the next couple of weeks. Since Facebook as grown to be one of the best places for solopreneurs to promote their businesses, this Look Back video could be significant.