co How Relevance Is Important to PPC Quality Scores |

If you’ve been wondering why your quality scores are going down at Google AdWords even while you increase the click-throughs to your PPC ads, there is one particular element that you should pay attention to and check on first before you do anything else. That element is relevance.

Specifically, I’m speaking about the relevance of your landing page to your ad. If you are driving traffic to a landing page that isn’t relevant to the ad that is drawing that traffic in, then the majority of those click-throughs are going to bounce and your conversion rate will go down. Believe me, Google will notice this and it will affect your quality score.

It is important that you match the keyword of your landing page to the keyword grouping of your PPC ad. But keywords are not the only determinant of relevance. You should be meeting the felt need of your target audience.

What that means is this. If you are selling blue widgets and you are targeting people searching for yellow widgets, you’ll see a decline in quality score. It’s the wrong audience.

You have to target the specific audience in search for your specific product. If you don’t, ad relevancy will suffer and so will ad quality score.