co Non-Blogging Link Building Methods To Die For |

Now that Matt Cutts has declared guest blogging dead, SEOs and Internet marketers in every niche will start looking for alternative ways to build links back to their websites. At least, the spammy ones will.

But you don’t have to be a guest blog spammer to find other ways to link back to your website. There are other ways to create backlinks, and I’m not talking about website and article directories. You can actually get a little creative in your content marketing strategy while encouraging your audience to link to you. Here are 4 link building methods that don’t involve guest blogging.

  1. Resource Page – Add a resource page to your website. Make sure your resources are valuable to your target audience. Other bloggers will link to your resource page if you include resources that can’t be found anywhere else.
  2. E-books – Write and publish e-books. If you offer your e-books for download or for sale on your website, you’ll get links from others who promote your books for you.
  3. Podcasting – Create a weekly podcast and allow access to it from your website. By making offers that are available to your podcast listeners, you can encourage links to your podcast page or resources page from bloggers who discover your podcast.
  4. Video marketing – People love to embed videos. Create great videos and let people embed them.

These are not by any means the only ways to create more links back to your website, but they are great ways of building links outside of guest blogging.