co Why Content Marketing Is In Disarray |

Content marketing has gotten a little bit of a bad reputation. In one sense, it’s well deserving. In another, it’s really quite unfair.

Spammers and low quality content producers are partly responsible for the bad reputation because, let’s face it, they produce bad content. It’s low quality and often spammy. That makes us all look bad. In another way, legitimate content marketers haven’t done enough to curb the low quality or the spam and because we haven’t, Google has to.

You may think it’s Google’s job to do that, and it is, but every time Google addresses spam or quality in its indexes, then the good guys have to pay right along with the bad guys.

I’ll have to say, I’m not sure what the online marketing community can do about low quality spam content other than educate those who need it. If you insist on creating your own content, then you should be ready and able to take responsibility for it. That means, don’t be surprised when your websites take a hit in the search results fluctuations that occur due to algorithm updates. It’s just a part of the game.

Content marketing is the way we do business online. It consists of website content, blogs, videos, podcasts, links, and anything you produce that creates your brand. If you position yourself well online, then you’ll reap the benefits. But if you don’t ….