co Is Guest Blogging Really Dead? |

The Internet erupted yesterday when Matt Cutts said that guest blogging is “done.” He qualified his statement later by saying it’s dead for SEO purposes. My interpretation is this, Guest blogging as a link building tool only is a dead science; you can expect the search engines (especially Google) to start roughing it up a bit.

Guest blogging, like any other kind of content marketing, must first and foremost follow the quality rule. That is, if you aren’t providing real value to your audience, then no matter what you do, it’s not going to work.

I think that’s what Matt Cutts is really getting at. Guest blogging is nothing less than another form of article marketing, which has always existed in some form on the Web. Guest blogging started out with a few early adopters who saw that the popularity of blogs naturally gave rise to a new form of exclusive content that benefited the content author and the content publisher. It was just like article marketing except that it was for mass production.

Like article marketing, guest blogging was taken over by the spammers. Google is going to react the same way it always has when spammers take a good thing and turn it into a game. They’ll go after the low quality sites and leave the rest alone.

That doesn’t mean that some high quality guest blog content won’t pay the price, but those few instances where it does will be rectified by an algorithm adjustment.

So quality guest bloggers should have nothing to worry about. Low quality bloggers who are just in it for the links, watch out!