co Why Readers Are More Important Than Google |

Everyone wants to impress Google. But will Google pay your bills? Unless you have a Made For AdSense website, and even then it’s a crapshoot, Google is not going to send you a check at the end of the month to say “thank you” for posting your content. If you write great content that is helpful to your readers, then there’s more than a reasonable chance that some of them will become paying customers. That’s why they’re more important than Google.

And as the thunder claps, I can hear the naysayers say, “But, but, but … Google could cause my content to rank high and I’ll get more visitors.”

True. But what if all you get out of that transaction is a couple of high ranking web pages? No new visitors and certainly no new customers. What then?

The question you must ask yourself is this: Is it more important to have high Google rankings and no customers or to have a handful of customers with mediocre search engine rankings? If you said the latter, then congratulate yourself. You finally understand the stakes you are playing with when you undertake online marketing.

Of course you want high rankings. But you also want customers. In fact, without customers, there is no reason to have high rankings. So take the time to ensure your content is high quality and provides answers to your readers’ most pressing questions. If it’s relevant, it should do well where it matters.