co Is Google+ A Necessary Evil |

I’ve been encouraging you for some time to join Google+ and start posting content. There are just too many benefits to doing so and hardly none for not. If you own a business and do any Internet marketing, then you should at least have a modest presence on Google+.

Selena Larson seems to be saying the same thing. At least, she’s hinting that Google+ is becoming more and more important. Who can argue against her?

The fact that Google recently opened up Gmail to anyone who sees your profile just reiterates my point. Now, you can be contacted by anyone who sees your public profile on Google+. Are you ready to start receiving all that spam?

But that doesn’t necessarily mean all you’ll get is spam. Google has actually done a fairly decent job of handling spam inside Google+. And other developments, such as requiring a Google+ account to comment on YouTube videos, have made Google+ more necessary for a lot of people. If you joined Google+ so that you can comment on YouTube videos, then go one step further and start using Google+ for marketing.

I see Google+ as a reputation enhancer for anyone serious about online marketing. The benefits include SEO, a stronger search engine presence for your brand, and networking. But that’s just a beginning.