co 3 Ways To Create Blog Post Lists |

Lists are very popular among bloggers. But there are different ways to create a list. I’m going to share with you three very popular ways to create a list for publishing to your blog and tell you what the advantages are to each type of list.

  1. Bullet lists – Bullet lists are unnumbered lists. These are great for short items where numerical values aren’t necessary. If you just want to show a list of items that are relevant to a particular topic, and especially if the list contains an odd number where the number of items is irrelevant, bulleted lists make great content.
  2. Ordered lists – Ordered lists are numbered lists, like this one. If you are writing a top 10 list or another type of list where numerical values are germane to the content, then ordered lists are perfect. “5 Ways To …,” “6 Reasons To …,” and “To Things That…” are great examples of ordered lists.
  3. Listicles – Let’s say you want to write an article. You can use your list items as subheads for each section of this article. This way, your list looks more like an article than a list, and you can even include images with your listicles to enhance the content.

The next time you make a list for publishing to your blog, try one of these types of lists. At least now, you’ll know what it’s called.