co Is It Time To Ditch The QR Code? |

If you know what a QR code is, kudos to you. Many people still don’t know. Many business owners, the people who should know, still don’t know. Which means a good idea is still sitting on the park bench feeding the pigeons.

Many of the people who do know what a QR code is find them unattractive, or downright ugly. Still, they’re useful. But the cold, hard truth – as Mashable points out – is that they aren’t getting that much use.

So what’s the solution? One company says clickable paper. I do like the features:

  • Clickable images
  • A range of options after the click
  • Options include Amazon link, YouTube video, and your website
  • You can also tweet information or share it on Facebook

Clickable paper sounds a lot more versatile, doesn’t it? All you can do with a QR code is land on a dedicated web page. So in that regard, clickable paper has an advantage.

Still, fewer people know about it than know about QR codes.

If you are using QR codes, don’t get rid of it yet. If clickable paper catches on, it will be a couple of years before enough people are aware of it to know what to do with it. Until then, QR codes are your best bet for mobile engagement. They’re not perfect and you may have to educate some of your clientele, but I don’t think they’re going anywhere. Not any time soon, at least.