co When Is The Best Time To Post? |

If you still live in the old world of newsletter printing, you may have heard that Thursday is the best day to ensure that your newsletter lands in someone’s mailbox. Many marketers, when they converted their print newsletters to digital, stuck with that Thursday rule. According to several studies, there is some validity in that thinking.

Then again, you can’t be too sure.

I think the most fascinating part of this blog post at Search Engine Journal is that the best time to send out your e-mail newsletter depends on what you are writing about. For instance, if your newsletter is a consumer-based e-mail, then you should send it in the early morning because that’s when it is most likely to get read. If you are writing about real estate, you should wait until 3-5 in the afternoon.

Weekends seem to be optimal times to post to Facebook and Twitter. Presumably, that’s because people are more likely to be playing on social media at those times. Of course, there are exceptions. Facebook engagement, for instance, is higher on Thursdays.

But what about blogging?

It seems that the best time to publish a blog post is in the morning, and Mondays are high traffic days for blogs. People comment more on blog posts on Saturday, however. And blogging multiple times per day is desirable, as well.

In our view, when you post to your blog and to social media depends a great deal on your niche and your audience. Do some experimenting. Find out what your audience prefers and go with that.